Suffering from increased competition, lack of USP’s, price pressure and focus on cost efficiency?

Or just need guidance in your innovation process?

Those challenges and more, we help our clients to address…
We guide, facilitate and build sustainable innovation capabilities!

6 key steps for systematic innovation:


We need coherence between the company’s core business and the innovation initiative.

In what area are we going to put our innovation efforts?

What are the constraints? 

What are the boundaries for ”insight” hunting?

Where does our brand & company stand for?

How much can we extend?


Curiosity and passion to discover the unspoken! 

Finding relevant insights is the most critical and rewarding step of our innovation steps.

What task is a consumer trying to accomplish?

Which steps are they going through to acquire the benefits of the offering?

What problems do they need to solve?

What do they want to feel or avoid feeling? 


In these workshops we are going to find relevant stimulimaterial, find solutions and build upon each others idea’s.

Be inspired by provocative external ideas and take them to the next level.


This is the most exiting block!

How do we describe our new offer?

How do we visualize it? How do we test?

Will the insights be share with the majority of our target group?

How can we finetune after our customers reactions?


In many cases, this is the forgotten step, where reality may take over the enthusiasm about the new concepts.

How can we produce, sell and deliver our new concepts?

What are the main building blocks of our business model?

Where we differentiate vs competition?

Who are our partners?

How do we secure a successful launch and volume development? 


Throughout the proces we align with our sponsors.

Now we reach our go or no-go decision.

What effort do we need to develop our concept into a product (service)?

Where will we do our pilot sales?

With whom? Why?

How many can we sell?

What do we think about our margins?

More We Can Offer….

What are the boundaries of the credibility of your brand? Which insight is giving us most opportunities? Which new concepts makes most sense? Is it a unique solution? How do your customers solve the problem currently? How are we going to sell?
Major customers are choosing your competitors solution to solve their problems… What can you change to make service offer more attractive and unique?
Business modeling is a very rewarding exercise. Not only for a go-to-market plan for your new product or service, but is is even very rewarding to get a clear view on innovation opportunities within your current offers. What is really valuable for your customers? What can we outsource? What resources do we need for future succes?
With many years of innovation responsibility and succes at one of the global market leaders in hygiene products, people normally refer to us as hygiene experts. Products and launches that we have initiated have been rewarded with consumer prices.
Inspiration for new business development, new concepts, innovation management … expertise from hands-on innovation work.
Towels, pantyliners, baby diapers, incontinence products… How can we help you with innovating your raw materials to improve your status and become a better sparring partner for your hygiene customers?

Some of our clients and brands that we have worked with…

We support you to think outside your box!

Due to her extraordinary creativity, openness and over 70 patents, our founder Solgun Drevik was honored to be one of the finalists for the Polhem Award in 2013.

The Polhem award is Sweden’s oldest technical award, managed by the Association of Graduate Engineers (Sveriges Ingenjörer). The award is for a technological innovation of high-level or ingenious solution to a technical problem.

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… well known for finding ideas and solutions for new challenges …

”Years of innovation work has given me an unique sense of what makes people tick.
People call me a true creator; known for finding ideas and unique solutions for challenges regarding product innovation.”
Solgun Drevik, Creator, Innovation Consultant & Sweden’s most innovative woman (Företagsamheten)
”The most exiting part in our innovation work is to find relevant new insights from our customers.
In those crucial steps we secure our innovation succes.”
Erik Schipper, Innovation Consultant

We’re here to guide you & improve your innovation capabilities! 

Through New Relevant Insights, Creative Ideas, New Concepts, Business Model Innovation & Financial Cases