About i3 innovate AB

Solgun Drevik
Solgun DrevikCreator, Senior Innovator & Sweden’s most innovative woman (Företagsamheten)
Solgun has won some international recognised innovation awards; e.g. ”top 10 inventors” at the GLOBAL FEMALE INVENT 2003, London. The Swedish Innovation Society selected Solgun for the 2004 Seoul International Invention Fair, where she won the bronze medal.
She was nominated finalist for Polhemspriset 2013, Swedish most prestigious technical prize for innovators. In 2013 she was rewarded the ”Runner Up-Capacity Building” trophy within EUWIIN 2013.

She has been in several media, such as TV, Radio and magazines discussing innovations. There is even a short film about her at the Technical Museum in Stockholm.

Solgun’s background is within SCA Hygiene Products AB, a global leader in it’s area. By using her strong sense for insights and frictions, she has over 70 European and globally filed patents. Many years of innovation work has given her an unique understanding of what makes people tick and how to get the best from them. She is a true creator; well known for finding ideas and solutions for challenges regarding product innovation.

Board Member of GUF, Göteborgs Uppfinnareförening (Gothenburg Inventors Association).

Together with Erik she has developed the ”6 Steps for Systematic Innovation”, a method for efficient systematic innovation.

Erik Schipper
Erik SchipperInnovation Facilitator
Erik has a Masters degree within Marketing and has a rich professional background in B2C and B2B marketing in several countries i.e. Sweden, Holland, Germany and Austria.

He had a number of qualifying positions at one of the world’s leading hygiene companies: SCA Hygiene Products AB (now Essity), within senior innovation management positions, e.g.

  • – Global Product Director for TENA Lady. Innovation responsibility for the global no.1 TENA brand within products for light bladder weakness. The product range is sold in 100 countries and worth multimillion euros and continuously growing. Several of the launched products, initiated by Erik and his team, have received consumer awards.
    – Global Business Development Director for Baby Care. Innovation responsibility for the Nordic no.1 brand within baby care products, Libero. The job was focussing on extending Libero’s product offer beyond diapers and on creating a new business model for the new offer.

Together with Solgun, he has developed the ”6 Steps for Systematic Innovation” a method for efficient systemetic innovation.